F.A.Q. and Rules

Do NOT Consume Alcohol or any Illegal Substances before attending a Trap Door Escape Game. Bad Behavior will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the experience with no refund as well as charges for broken items and labor of repairs.

Any group with participants age 13-17 must have a parent or guardian as part of their team unless all available tickets are booked out.

  • No Food or Drink Inside.
  • Do not break anything. PLEASE.
  • Do not pry anything open. Anything that is supposed to open will do so as the result of solving whatever puzzle it is associated with. You will never have to forcefully pry anything open.
  • Do not climb in the air conditioning vent. It is a working air vent with a working blade.
  • Do not touch the air conditioner.
  • Do not change any lighting. All lighting is set for the games ambiance as well as puzzles.
  • Do not take apart any locks. Solve the locks, yes! Break the locks, NO!
  • No public displays of affection.
  • No running.
  • No smoking, use of fire, or vaping.
  • No Photography or Videography. Your photo will be taken after the event.
  • No crowding the stairs.
  • Nothing is to be put in pockets. The quickest way to lose the game is to not realize that one of your teammates has had an important item the entire time. Not to mention its a quick way to forget you had the item and leave with it. We do charge the credit card on file for lost items.
  • Do not touch the video or audio equipment. They are our eyes and ears to know both you, and our experience is safe.
  • Leave keys inside the lock it opens. You will never need a key twice. Once a lock opens simply leave the key inside and move on with your experience.
  • Fences: Do not reach through them, stick anything through them, climb on them, lean on them, or hang off of them.
  • Any two warnings ENDS the game with no refund.

Am I actually locked inside this Trap Door Escape The Room Attraction with no way out for 60 minutes?

Ans: NO.  As you make your way through the experience, nothing ever stops you from getting back to the door from which you entered. There are also emergency exits, but exiting through any emergency door disqualifies you from completing the experience, with no refund. However, if there is ever a moment you or someone in your group feels uncomfortable or unable to continue they can leave from the main door. We’re not trying to torture you!

How many rooms are part of a theme?

Ans: We’ll never tell! Trap Door enjoys telling stories across large spaces. Our games are all at least 1,000 square feet.  Also, of note is that you are not forced to keep moving forward either. Our experience is designed for Free Roam, meaning you will have to revisit each room to find what you need to solve in others.