Closed in a series of rooms, challenged with puzzles and obstacles, can you complete your mission and claim victory in your Trap Door Experience?

What is an Escape Room?

Real-life room escape games are a type of physical adventure game in which people are locked in a room with other participants and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within a set time limit. Much like a scavenger hunt, where participants search for the keys to solving each room’s riddle.

How is this Escape Room any different from the rest?

Each member of our team has unique specialties that sets us apart from our competition. Trap Door Escape Room blends the original escape room puzzle solving within 60 minutes concept with great suspense driven stories, movie quality sets and special effects, immersive film production, and alternate reality gaming. We do not just send you in a room with no backstory or theme, we deliver you into an immersive experience.

Trap Door began as Mikrotone Entertainment 9 years ago! We started out trying to make movies, and due to a series of villainous finance scammers, we accidentally discovered our true calling- Live Immersive Entertainment! Since then we have been producing one project a year, starting with our most notable, “Find Me Event”. We followed that with “Buried Alive”, “Fool’s Gold”, “Slasher”, and “Windward Hotel”. The eruption of the Escape Room industry was the catalyst for Trap Door to open in Red Bank, NJ. Bringing The Architect of “Find Me Event” back for more mayhem. The theme changed over to “Cure Z”, a Zombie Apocalypse style escape game that shattered records. That has now been replaced with “Bogeyman”, a paranormal horror themed game.  In our Morristown location “Witch Hunt” has been running strong since we opened, and this past April “F5”, A Tornado Escape, followed as the first Obstacle Course/Escape Game.

Coming back from speaking engagements at the annual Room Escape Conference, a new concept for the industry was developed. Trap Door created “Puzzles & Corks”, allowing players to unlock tastings by solving escape room style puzzles.


Meet the Team

Tone Purzycki – Creator of Trap Door, Puzzle Master & Escape Producer

Tone Purzycki is NJ born and raised. He began his journey into entertainment with no tools at his disposal and quickly learned he was out gunned. A relentless need to learn the industry brought him to the doors of some of the industries finest. Thanks to a list of mentors, Tone absorbed more insight into the entertainment industry than ever possible through film school. An ever growing insight in technology aided him in his creation of a groundbreaking new medium, Live Streaming Immersive Entertainment. Tone has produced The Ratred Prophecy (short), Find Me Event, Buried Alive, Tone of Color, Fool’s Gold: Caging a Killer, The Slasher Demo, & the in-person interactive theater show, Windward Hotel. He has also been involved with writing the stories for Ratred’s Chosen, Theatre of the Devil, Cliff’s End, and Bromos, as well as the interactive experiences, Dexter: Return of the Dark Defender, and Homeland: Mission of Detail for Showtime. Since starting Trap Door, he has been the mastermind behind Escape The Architect, the record breaking Cure Z, Witch Hunt, F5, A Tornado Escape, Puzzles & Corks, and now, Bogeyman.

Frank Giglia – Head of Creative Development

Frank Giglia graduated from Fordham University, where he earned a Degree in Communications and Media Studies. Later, he graduated from the New York Film Academy screenwriting program. As Director of Creative Development at Mikrotone Entertainment, Frank edits and oversees every single project, no matter the type of media in which it’s created. Over the years with Mikrotone Frank has written several screenplays that have attracted big name talent on both sides of the camera. He’s already written material in the Horror, Sci-Fi and Thriller genres, sometimes having to juggle different genres in different events at the same time. He co-created the O.D.D., the shadowy organization at the heart of a series of immersive events, all of which he wrote. As head-writer, he is one of the true Architects of “Find Me” and “Buried Alive.” He also came up with the forum post that, through clever manipulation on his part, ignited the fanbase to action in what became “Fool’s Gold,” a successful experiment in audience control that will also lead to the future events featuring No1. To do this he interacted with the audience, exchanging emails and posts as several different characters, all to lead the audience to the desired outcomes. Giglia crafted the script for Windward Hotel, a multi-phase immersive theater event that began with in-person shows in Chester, NJ. Outside of Mikrotone, Frank is a published author, with his latest work, Archangel: Intervention, available now via Amazon Digital Services. Since the opening of Trap Door, Giglia has crafted the stories for Escape The Architect,the record breaking escape game, Cure Z, Witch Hunt, and Bogeyman.

Mike DiLorenzo – Head of Production

Mike DiLorenzo, a skilled cinematographer, camera operator, assistant camera, gaffer (designs the lighting) and grip, is something of an on-set Renaissance Man. He has been working as a freelancer in the film community since graduating William Paterson University in 2011 and has worked on numerous feature and short films, music videos and commercials as well as several concerts and interactive media presentations. A BIG fan of horror and having previously worked with Mikrotone Entertainment on “Slasher” and “Windward Hotel”, Mike looks forward to being able to cut loose and help create visual content that can only deepen the immersive experience of Trap Door for all those who decide to try their luck and play. He got a chance to showcase his talents with Morristown’s first experience, Witch Hunt. However it was F5, A Tornado Escape that gave Mike the opportunity to truly blow away the competition. With a now refined set of skills developed specifically for this industry, Mike has created some truly amazing visuals for Trap Door’s newest experience, Bogeyman.

Aidan Samuel – Head of Electronics Engineering

Starting as an Electronics Engineering Technology intern in January 2017, Aidan has officially joined the Trap Door team full-time in the role of Head of Electronics Engineering. Aidan graduated from York Technical Institute in April 2017 with a degree in Specialized Technology, with a focus in Electronics Engineering Technology.

Since coming onboard, Aidan has been responsible for bringing Trap Door’s technology department to life, including a main focus on animatronics and other automated technologies. Aidan was able to showcase his talents through an identification and restoration project he completed on some of Trap Door’s existing experiences, but was able to truly shine on Trap Door’s most recent project, B℧GEYMAN. In addition to the technical aspect, Aidan was an integral member of the construction team and can now be found assisting customers at Trap Door’s Red Bank location.

In his free time, Aidan enjoys writing and performing music, adding to his extensive collection of aesthetic eyeglasses, a good Netflix binge, and is a self-proclaimed herbalist.

Gary Adelman – Legal Entertainment

Gary Adelman is an accomplished lawyer specializing in intellectual property, entertainment, and litigation. He represents a wide range of clients, from entrepreneurs who are just starting up, to fully established businesses, all of whom rely on his vast experience in business and comprehensive knowledge of the law to advise and protect them and enhance the value of their businesses.
Mr. Adelman’s extensive background is derived from his many years as a practicing attorney and his ownership of a number of successful companies. His hands-on experience has given him a unique perspective on the decisions and problems his clients may face, which he uses to expertly advise and vigorously represent them.